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Dj Kilma 2017 Mixtape

Love Will Save The Day – Mixtape Review

What can I say about this mix. While its a sharp departure from the artist formerly known as Sw@t known for bass and DnB, this house mix is just what the doctor ordered for true househeads. The opening track is a mellow piece which immediately pulls you in and captures the listeners attention. A few tracks in and things get very interesting with some nice bass lines and very swinging drums. Overall this is a very well put together set that is a fun listen the entire way through, perfect for cruising around town or jamming out to before heading to the club. If this were to be played live the dance floor would be rammed from start to finish! – Cam Watson

Love Will Save The Day – Mixtape Review

From start to finish it captures the feeling of your heart beat rising while sweating it out on a dance floor. House, to UK Bass to Jackin house, every track of within this mix elevates me to higher places. I will be looking forward to the next one. Check out Kilma and her latest mixtape release! Totally worth it from first to last
– DJ MrMacHimself

“Live in Costa Rica at Envision Festival. You really get that raw, jungle feel from this set.”


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