5 Questions To Ask Before You Add One More Affiliate!

Being affiliated with another brand can indeed help ones image if that affiliate has already gained a notable Brand. Maybe it’s an artist with their on point music or a label that is known for finding breakthrough artists. At the end of the day both brands should be on the look out for another that is a good fit, or else the “affiliation” doesn’t help either brand. Whether you are the artist or you are the potential affiliate or sponsor, there are some things you’re going to want to ask yourself BEFORE jumping into a potential business relationship.

1. Does this partnership make sense?

Does this partnership make sense?

If you are a holistic nutritionist, having a fast food chain as one of your sponsors could cause serious brand confusion. It could potentially discredit the business you’re trying to create. Working alongside a yoga studio that promotes a healthy lifestyle would be more in line with your brand image. This is something to consider when choosing to partner up with another brand.

2. Can we mutually benefit from one another?

 do djs need affiliates ?

Think about how both you and your partner can help one another out. If you are in the party industry it makes sense that a brand name alcohol company may be interested in sponsoring your event. You may be able to create buzz around their product with your crowd, while they help with some advertising costs. Think about a relationship where everyone can win!

3. What does their brand image say to YOUR audience?


marfis75 via Compfight cc

If it’s a record label do they cater to your demographic or will this cause brand confusion? Maybe it’s a breaks and drum and bass label taking on some house music but you are mostly into techno. It would make more sense to stick with a label that is either multi-genre (of quality music of course) or strictly house and techno to cater to the type of crowd you’re going for.

Tip: Sometimes in the excitement we jump into partnership that isn’t right for our brand. Hold on to that product and shop it around. You might be surprised at who is interested in it!

4. Are they professional?

 DO djs need affiliates?

Maybe they are a booking agent or artist management agency but they don’t even have a website, let along a professional logo. When you send people their way all they have is a AOL email address. On top of that, if they don’t already have an existing clientele booking your style of music, you may find this isn’t helpful for gaining gigs. Make sure the company that is representing you is PROFESSIONAL all the way around.

5. is the company of value?

 Is their business practice of value?

Being a part of a big name brand can be really exciting, but from early beginnings it might feel like you have to latch on to not so well known companies as you gain you bearings. As eager as you might be, I always advice my clients to think twice before adding another name to their affiliates list. Is this brand working towards a bigger picture? Are they consistent in their message? Do they care about the people they work with and for? Are the people associate also driven and professional? Remember actions speak louder than words. If these people are showing vs. saying this could be a big indication that the affiliate is a good fit for you as they too value their brand.

Something to keep in mind:

 5 Questions To Ask Before You Add One More Affiliate!

If the affiliate does not push out their own brand, there are missed opportunities for each party involved. For example if you make art and someone shows interest in selling your product, this might feel like a great opportunity. However if that same business does not advertise their store suddenly you’re missing on a potential sale because your art is sitting in a space that likely won’t get much clientele. Whereas if the store advertises their business but the artist that created the piece aren’t activity promoting their work, the store isn’t gaining NEW clientele through this partnership. Let this be a reminder that we can not depend on one brand or person to carry ours, but that each party has their own responsibilities.

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