5 Reasons You Need To Re-Brand Your Image!

I remember years ago feeling completely stuck in my brand when someone suggested I do the craziest thing. He told me I should just start over. I could have cried right then and there. “Seriously? After all these years of work… just start over? I would feel like a complete failure!” What I didn’t realize at the time is that I out grew my brand. It was like I’d lived in a one bedroom condo for the past 5 years and even though I now had a partner and little one on the way… I was still holding onto this place I’d put so many renovations into. Letting go of the brand meant leaving behind all the hard work over the years, or so I thought. But as I dived into these 5 issues, I realized this was my best solution for an evolving sound and changed goals.

1. You’ve out grown your brand

 out grown your brand image

Maybe you feel like you don’t have another square inch of space to utilize in your brand. You’ve exhausted your resources and it’s time to expand which mean you’ll need more space. It doesn’t mean you can’t take along many of furniture (lessons) you’ve purchased but that in order to grow you have to let go. (Maybe it’s that kitchen reno.)

2. Your demographic has changed

 miley old new brand

Mylie Cyrus (whether you enjoy her music or not) is a great example of a brand whom’s fans were changing. Many of us remember Hannah Montana but like the actress under that wig, her fans were growing up and their tastes were changing. She could continue to play along with the younger audience or use the opportunity to start fresh and that’s just what she did.

3. You’ve changed musically

 MC Flipside

MC Flipside is another fantastic example of someone that changed direction through out the years. He was infamously known in the drum and bass community as MC Flipside touring alongside Freak Flow all over the world. His style unique and rhymes like no other. Later in life he choose to follow his passion in house and techno music. While he did not choose to change his name he did re-branded his image. Using his previous experience in the industry he is now known as a reputable record boss, producer and dj in the house & techno community.

4. There is too much brand confusion

brand confusion

For me, I’d been this bass head dj for a decade. Every one knew the brand for drum and bass and when I started dabbling into other music it caused the question of, “Who is SW@T, really?” Someone could come to one of my shows and not be sure as to what they might hear me play. That meant some people may not enjoy the new direction I was going in and feel disappointed when I had no desire to play drum and bass. It was time to cut the cord. Thus Kilma and the #DontKilmaVibe brand was born.

5. You’d like to get away from an old image

 get away from confusion branding

Maybe you don’t want to change your alias but your brand image. You started off your brand with what you thought was a great logo but now can see totally unprofessional and unrelated to what you do now. Maybe many your tunes were inconsistent and website constantly out of date. Maybe you want to get away from a bad reputation and you feel you need to step away from an old look and start fresh.

The thought that I really let hold me back was, “But now I have to start all over again!” What I realize as I started doing more research, was that the knowledge I’d gained through out the years meant I would actually be able to propel a re-brand farther in a shorter period of time. If I looked back at how I started up my original brand I saw many mistakes, poor investments and wasted time that I could have handled differently. Now I had an edge. I knew what I had to do and I was going to brand with a bang this time around. And I’m telling ya, so can you!

Need help with your re-brand?
I can help you with creating a brand image, figuring out your target demographic and how to cater to them while staying true to your desired goals. I also help artists find press, negotiate better wages and manage their social media accounts. Whether you need the training to do it yourself or want to hire someone to do the job so you can focus on your music, I’m your girl!

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